Thank God It’s Al-Anon Social Distancing Information

The noon Thank God It’s AL-anon group has voted to meet at Stroud Park Monday, Wednesday and Friday – and to meet at Holy Spirit Church social/bingo hall [1800 E Libra Dr, Termpe] on Tuesday and Thursday at noon starting Tues 9/15.  As we see how many members want to meet in person at the church we may add Monday, Wednesday and/or Friday. 
In keeping with tradition 1 “Our common welfare should come first: personal progress for the greatest number depends upon unity”  please observe the following requirements of our facilities :
    1. If ill, do not attend the meeting.
    2. please wear a mask on the church grounds and in the meeting.
    3. You may bring a personal beverage such as a soda or water but do not bring food etc to share [even candy].
    4. Practice appropriate social distancing.  Chairs will be set up before hand to allow appropriate distancing. If you want to hold private conversations, please do so before or after meeting in the parking lot.  The main church grounds necessitates the 6 ft social distancing.
    5. The tables and chairs will be sprayed and wiped with disinfectant after every meeting – please be of service and help.
    6. Antibacterial gel will be available as well as disposable masks in case you forget yours.
    7.We may need to check temperatures. I am following up on this.
    8. The church also requires us to make sure everyone is aware of the following that would suggest you not attend the meeting:            * If you have tested positive for COVID-19             * If you are are awaiting testing results             * If you have been exposed to someone positive             * If you have fever of 100 degrees or more            *If you have been out of the country in high risk area last two weeks

I know this may seem like a lot of rules but we live in a unusual circumstance.  Explore our saying “Take what you like and leave the rest”. If you are willing to comply and want restrooms and the comforts of a indoor room, attend the Tuesday and Thursday meeting.  If you feel more comfortable in the outdoor setting and less chemical constraints of the park, attend the Monday, Wednesday Friday meeting at Stroud Park.  As always in the east valley AL-Anon website there are a lot of zoom meetings listed.
I hope you find a meeting that helps you smile and laugh. “How beautiful is the joy of contributing even a little to the happiness of others.” pg 28 As we Understood